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Our different skills

Internal projects

We work internally on several projects: Picolors Griddler, Picross 3D, and a secret project ;)

Professional application

We can create games or applications according to your proffessional context.

On multiple platform

We adapt to the type of platform according to your needs.


Our different game projects.

Picolors Griddler

A 2D Picross

Picross 3D

The same principle but in 3D (co-production)

Secret project

A secret project with a secret team (co-production)


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  • May 2017

    Creation of the compagny

  • 2017 - 2019

    Picolors Griddler - preprod

  • 2019

    3 Projects on the starting block

  • 2020

    The output of these 3 projects

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    Of Our

Our Amazing Team

Alan Galipaud

Fondateur & CEO

Prune Forget

Game Developer

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